So, you are out of college and looking for a job. Not getting response from the companies or not being able to come upto the expectations of the prospective company in the interviews due to lack of skills. Well, have you analyzed if you are Career-Ready?

Career Readiness means a blend of Academic, Technical, Management & Employability skills. Career Readiness means the value that your Skills are carrying for the company. Why should a company give you an opportunity and call you for an interview? Why should a company select you when there are lakhs of candidates having done the same course / degree as you have done. What skills you have which differentiates you from others? What value you are carrying for the company from day one after your appointment? What business & technical knowledge you are carrying for the specific industry for which you are seeking job opportunity?

After College, looking for higher courses or joining a private institute giving job guarantee will land you nowhere. If there were so many job guarantees available, this should have solved the unemployment problem of India and may be of other countries.

Think from the Employer point of view.

What are the challenges an employer is facing?

Why he / she should keep you as a team member?

What critical skills are required in this recession?

Are you a performer with a loyalty towards the company or a liability for the company?

Do you have that attitude to fight and feel like an entrepreneur for the growth of the company?

Remember, company’s growth is yours growth.

So, Are You Career – Ready ?

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